Custom Printed Whippet Mudguard

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Design your mtb mudguard the way you want it. Choose the colours, add text and even add your own designs or images.

It is then printed high res onto a Whippet Blank, ready for you to stand out.

Allow a week for production, the better the quality images you use the better the mudguard will look. Accepts JPEG, SVG, PNG

n.b please make sure you have the rights to any images you use... 


This flat-pack design folds into a 3d tyre hugging shape offering protection for your mountain bike. Lightweight, designed around modern wheel sizes, tyre widths and fitting most forks.

- 29, 27.5 and 26 inch mtb wheels
- Mountain bike tyre widths up to 2.4 - 2.6 inch
- Front mudguard design that does fit the rear on a range of mountain bikes
- Minimum width required 60mm, 20mm narrower than the MotoX.
- Length 302mm